Claims Optimization and Claims Capture

Hospital billing departments as well as outsourced revenue cycle services have been brainwashed to create, CLEAN CLAIMS that are billed IMMEDIATELY.  At Praxis we challenge that notion.

We have NO issue with “clean claims” billed as fast as possible.  BUT, a “clean claim” is NOT always a claim that is Optimized for Maximum reimbursement!  In fact, in most cases, we find that this is NOT the case.  We feel the art of claim optimization is being lost.  We have a proven “hands-on” method that we apply and often find services that have not been accounted for.

Optimization Services
  • A clean claim is NOT an optimized claim
  • Software CANNOT do what we can do
  • Obsessive and meticulous examination of your structured and unstructured data
  • Over 40 years combined experience
  • You don’t have the resources or the time to do this
  • Free audit, up to 10 times return on each dollar invested

Our 100% FREE accounts receivable audit will initially identify deficiencies and uncover where money is being left on the table.  Keep in mind, no matter what you have heard from the EHR companies, software CANNOT do this.  This is a meticulous hands on approach that does take time and effort.  However, with our staff of over 40 years combined experience, we have the expertise to find every dollar you have coming and have earned!